Connect in Place

Charles Deluvio

Although our face-to-face programming is temporarily on hold, Oregon Humanities remains committed to offering opportunities for people to talk, listen, and learn. We’re hosting virtual conversations with communities around the state each Tuesday evening. Our aim is to create spaces, in this physically separated moment, for Oregonians to gather, connect, reflect, and talk with one another.

We know that COVID-19 affects individuals and communities differently, so we’re working with our facilitators to develop online conversations that are relevant and responsive. Each week, we will present opportunities to join a conversation on a particular topic, to reflect on and share your experience, to listen to others, and to stay connected during this time of uncertainty and change.

Throughout this developing series of conversations, we will partner with organizations across Oregon to engage with and respond to local communities. We will also host conversations for affinity groups and explore statewide conversations. For now, we will aim to keep the number of participants in each conversation below twenty so that everyone will have a chance to speak and be heard.

Each Tuesday’s conversations will take place simultaneously via Zoom. Here's a quick guide to getting started using Zoom.

If you have questions or suggestions about these conversations, please contact Rachel Bernstein at or Jade Schey at


May 26: This Place Now

6:30 to 8:30 p.m. PDT. Click here to RSVP.
In this time of COVID-19, physical distancing, and uncertainty, what does Oregon feel like to you, and how would you like it to feel for fellow Oregonians across the state? This virtual community conversation will connect people from all over Oregon to make sense of this moment together, to share what we envision for the future, and to start exploring how we might get there.

Now that Oregon Humanities has convened a number of smaller, regional online conversations about how local communities are responding to current conditions, we hope to provide a gathering space for people from all over the state to do some cross-regional reflection and sharing in small and larger groups. Whether you've attended previous "This Place Now" conversations or not, you are welcome to participate. This conversation will include new people, questions and prompts.


June 2

7:00 to 8:30 p.m. PDTClick here to RSVP

  • Sexual Violence and the Meaning of Justice with claire barrera
    In this conversation we will explore the potential meanings of justice, specifically in instances of sexual violence. Who defines it, how is it achieved, and when do we know we’ve succeeded? Read more about this conversation and this facilitator.
  • What Is a Creative Priority? with MOsley WOtta
    How can we justify painting a painting when we don’t know where our food is going to come from? What is our collective and personal obligation to creativity during a significant upheaval? Join MOsley WOtta for a conversation about getting creative during the apocalypse. Read more about this conversation and this facilitator.