Workplace Trainings

Our staff and trainers can lead onsite trainings to help your team members strengthen their skills in planning and facilitating reflective conversations within your organization or the greater community. These conversations can help you engage more effectively with your employees, partners, and community by getting people talking as a way to reflect on important issues and learn about each other.  

Oregon Humanities trainings give participants tools to get people talking about vital issues and ideas by using prompts such as poems, images, articles, and film clips. We can customize our training to focus on areas of interest to your organization.

During the training you will

  • have an opportunity to practice new skills and techniques.
  • listen to beliefs, backgrounds or experiences different than your own.

You will leave the training feeling more confident and equipped to

  • hold space for challenging conversations. 
  • craft questions and activities that allow people to learn more deeply about themselves and other people in the room.
  • design conversations that are responsive to different kinds of community dynamics.


  • Pricing varies depending on length and format. Please contact Rachel Bernstein for an estimate.

To learn more, contact Rachel Bernstein, partnership and training manager, at (503) 241-0543, ext. 124, or


Praise for Our Workplace Trainings

Humanities North Dakota and South Dakota Humanities Council
Oregon Humanities facilitated a training on leading reflective conversations for staff and community members in four cities across the Dakotas.

Sherry DeBoer, executive director of South Dakota Humanities Council, called the training a “deeply enriching and inspiring experience that caused me to reflect on how important our work is, the many hours dedicated by our group to the importance of diversity, compassion, inclusion, connections and community.“ 

We are pleased to have facilitated workplace trainings for the following organizations:

To schedule a training for your organization, contact Rachel Bernstein, partnership and training manager, at (503) 241-0543, ext. 124, or


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