Conversation Project: Talking about Dying

with Jenny Sasser

March 8, 2022 | 6:00 p.m. | Virtual Event

Online, statewide & beyond

Death is a universal event that transcends many of the differences between us. While we focus most on the quality of our lives and well-being, we rarely talk about the quality of our dying and deaths. Now in its sixth year, Oregon Humanities’ Talking about Dying program offers an opportunity to reflect on the stories and cultural influences that shape our thinking about this theme and to share perspectives and ideas with fellow community members. During the program, participants explore such questions as, How might our family, traditions, rituals, religion, and beliefs shape how we think about death? What would a “good death” look like for us? What do we want—and not want—at the end of our life? What are the essential considerations?

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Jennifer (Jenny) Sasser is an educational gerontologist, transdisciplinary scholar, and community activist. She has worked in the field of gerontology for more than half her life, beginning as a nursing assistant and aging advocate before focusing on research, writing, and teaching. After completing her doctorate from Oregon State University, she joined the Marylhurst University faculty in 1997, where she was Founding Director of Gerontology and Chair of Human Sciences until 2015. Jenny is the author of the books Aging: Concepts and Controversies and Gerontology: The Basics, as well as many essays and articles. She convenes the Gero-Punk Project and offers consulting, facilitations, and presentations throughout North America. Currently, she works as an educational gerontologist and is on the gerontology faculty at Portland Community College.

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