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Consider This: Why Does Housing Cost So Much?

Join us for a conversation with people who are working in different ways on making housing more affordable for Oregonians: Kim McCarty, executive director of Community Alliance of Tenants; Lorelei Juntunen of ECONorthwest; and developer Eli Spevak.

Event | June 3, 2021

Consider This: Why Does Housing Cost So Much?

On June 3, join us for a conversation on why rent and home prices are so expensive in Oregon and what can be done to make housing more affordable.

Consider This | May 6, 2021

“We All Have to Be Committed and Help Each Other”​

Four leaders working on homelessness in Oregon share perspectives on how to address the state's ongoing crisis in this article by Olivia Wolf.

Beyond the Margins | April 12, 2021

Editors' Note: Outside

In this issue, we’ve taken an expansive view of what it means to be outside. In addition to stories about outdoor recreation and who gets to enjoy it, you’ll find stories of living outside, on city streets and amid the woods; stories about leaving the places we feel safe for work and about making new spaces outside the mainstream.

Magazine | August 25, 2020

The Family You Choose

Residents of Portland’s C3PO camps share their experiences of street life, the pandemic, and building a new community. By Olivia Wolf

Beyond the Margins | August 25, 2020

Housing and Belonging with Paul Susi

This Connect in Place conversation will explore common assumptions and perspectives about the experience of houselessness/homelessness and seek to answer the question, How do we decide who “belongs” in our community?

Event | June 16, 2020

New Foundations

Samantha Bakall writes about an innovative pilot project that pairs families in need of housing with Portland homeowners who have a little land to spare.

Magazine | December 13, 2018