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Conversation Project: Are You Safer Outside?

Outdoor spaces took on new significance during the recent pandemic. While some of us rediscovered parks and trails that we once took for granted, others may still feel the stressors of unwelcoming or inaccessible outdoor areas. Join facilitator Mareshah “MJ” Jackson to discuss what makes an outdoor space a “safe” space. How does one’s identity intersect with security in a park, on a trail, or on a patio? In what ways have our perceptions of these spaces changed, and how may they change in years to come? This conversation is a chance to reflect on the role open spaces play in our lives and how our perceptions may differ from each other’s.

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Event | September 5, 2023

In Praise of No Other Options

Jessica E. Johnson writes about the benefit of having a captive audience.

Beyond the Margins | March 17, 2023

Adventures on the Turtle's Back

Joe Whittle writes about hiking canyons in the Wallowa Mountains with people whose ancestors traveled those lands since time immemorial.

Beyond the Margins | September 23, 2022

We're Here for Each Other

Jennifer Perrine writes about how Oregonians of color are building relationships in the outdoors.

Beyond the Margins | July 8, 2022

Spoke'n Words 2: A Pedalpalooza Ride

Bikes! Poetry! Prizes! Celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pedalpalooza, Portland's citywide summer bike fun celebration, with the followup to last year's sweetly successful Spoke'n Words ride! Join Oregon Poet Laureate Anis Mojgani and some of his poet friends for a unique and interactive Pedalpalooza bike ride through Portland. We'll roll to a playlist curated by Anis, experience poetic performances in some unexpected locations, and maybe even be inspired to write a bit ourselves as we explore the city. The ride will last approximately two hours, including stops and performances, with about 3.5 miles of mostly flat traveling. The ride will begin at Portland's Laurelhurst Park, on the southern shore of Firwood Lake and end near SE 34th & Belmont with an optional post-ride hangout.

Event | August 3, 2022