Conversation Project: Democracy from the Inside Out

Listening to Our Consciences and Our Neighbors

March 8, 2018 | 7:00 p.m. | Southeast Uplift Neighborhood Coalition

3534 SE Main St., Portland OR 97214

We talk a lot about what it means to actively participate in a democracy: voting, participating in protests, writing and calling our representatives, and even running for office ourselves. But there is so much external noise, it can be hard to hear our own conscience, let alone discern right action. In the rambunctious arena of American democracy, how do we create habits and practices that help us become more active, resilient, and compassionate, giving us the grounding to both act from our own values and listen closely to our neighbors? How do we become the people we want to be so that we can create the society we want to live in? Read more.

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