A Return Passage

Two refugees tell of leaving the countries of their birth and returning years later to help journalists.

Kim Nguyen

In 2013, reporter Putsata Reang and photographer Kim Nguyen traveled through Southeast Asia to document repression of freedom of expression and find ways to support journalists in their efforts to expand free speech. (You can read more about the project in Reang's story "Full Circle" from the Fix issue of Oregon Humanities.) The trip was also a homecoming of sorts—both women fled conflicts in the region as children. In this video, produced by Hearts+Sparks Productions for Oregon Humanities, thanks to a grant from the James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation, Reang and Nguyen share their stories of leaving their home countries, meeting at the University of Oregon, and returning as journalists.


Family, History, Immigration, International, Justice, Land, Laws and legislation, Politics, Power, Values, Media and Journalism, Video, Refugees


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Wow. Great project. I think Kim's an excellent photographer, and it's humbling to hear how she got here to do this work.

Kristy Athens | August 2015 | Enterprise, Oregon

I wouldn't say that this is something to "enjoy" because what Putsata and Kim have been through is poignant and sad. But it's a heartfelt and heart rending experience that these two have survived and gone back and not forgotten. Let's hear more! Puts! why are you wearing such terrible clothes?! love, Nhu

T.T. Nhu | August 2015 | Berkeley, California

I am a great admirer of Putsata and am looking forward to her memoir. She has great heart and great talent.

Alberta Weinberg | August 2015 | Seattle

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