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Interview: Rafael Romero Vejar on Field Work and Family

Rafael Romero speaks with his father, Rafael Romero Vejar, about his experiences working in agriculture and the dreams he has for his family.

Beyond the Margins | December 7, 2023


In this video—the first in a series of stories about life in Oregon called Yamatala—filmmaker Ke-As Ne-Asht Sheshatko follows a family on the Klamath Tribes' reservation during Woksemi, or Wokas harvest season.

Beyond the Margins | October 13, 2022

Finding Home at the Mims

From the 1940s to '60s, the Mims House was a safe place to stay for African Americans traveling through Oregon. Now it’s a gathering place for the Black community in Eugene. Video by Nisha Burton.

This Land | September 11, 2017

Talking about Dying Resources

Talking about Dying | March 14, 2017

Portland Expo Center: A Hidden History

This film produced by Jodi Darby for Oregon Humanities shares the experiences of Japanese Americans who were imprisoned in the Portland Expo Center during World War II.

Beyond the Margins | February 9, 2017

An Oregon Canyon

Produced by Sika Stanton and Donnell Alexander for Oregon Humanities, this film reveals the story of a canyon in Jefferson County, Oregon that was renamed for John A. Brown in 2014, one of the first Black homesteaders in Oregon.

Beyond the Margins | January 10, 2017

Taking the Lead

We partnered with Catlin-Gabel’s PLACE program to train high school students to lead community conversations. Filmmaker Sika Stanton asks these emerging leaders from North Portland about how they hope to use their new skills.

Beyond the Margins | November 2, 2016

Mothers to Daughters

Mothers give advice to their daughters about living bravely in an unsafe world in this film produced by Sika Stanton for Oregon Humanities.

Beyond the Margins | March 7, 2016

The Long Boat

Talking about Dying facilitator Jenny Sasser reads Stanley Kunitz's poem "The Long Boat" in this animated video produced by Dan Sadowsky for Oregon Humanities.

Beyond the Margins | December 2, 2015

A Return Passage

Reporter Putsata Reang and photographer Kim Nguyen share their stories of leaving their home countries as refugees, meeting as students at the University of Oregon, and returning to Southeast Asia as journalists. A film produced by Dawn Jones for Oregon Humanities.

Beyond the Margins | August 5, 2015

Future: Portland

Civic leaders describe the loss of Portland's strong black communities and the hope of restoring them in the future in a video by Ifanyi Bell.

Beyond the Margins | March 9, 2015

Epigenetics and Equity

Zip code may be more important than genetic code when it come's to determining a person's health. A film produced by Dan Sadowsky for Oregon Humanities.

Beyond the Margins | October 7, 2014

Think & Drink Archive

Did you miss one of our Think & Drink conversations? You can find audio and video from past events here.

Think & Drink | August 1, 2009