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Consider This Discussion Group: Getting Older and Staying Connected

Oregon Humanities invites you to a discussion on the themes and ideas from our November 6 event Consider This on Getting Older and Staying Connected at AllCare Health in Grants Pass. 

Oregon Humanities Program Manager Rozzell Medina will facilitate the group discussion in English through Zoom.

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Event | November 9, 2023

How to Build a Snow Cave

Joliene Adams reflects on loneliness, chronic pain, and her father's life.

Beyond the Margins | October 20, 2023

Consider This on Getting Older and Staying Connected

Aging is a life-long experience that is both universal and different for everyone. Some people join new communities and friendships in old age, while others experience profound isolation. Generational divides, both real and perceived, can add to a sense of not belonging. Join Andrea Cano and Fred Grewe for a conversation about aging and belonging: What are our fears around aging? How can we collaborate across generational divides? What can we do to ensure people are fully included in our communities as they age?

Event | November 6, 2023

Loneliness and Aging: Making Space for Our Elders

Loneliness and isolation are common experiences for elderly people, especially for those who do not have nearby family members or who are not computer literate. What do you know about the elders in your life or in your neighborhood? Are they connected to their families in an enriching way? Do they belong to a caring community of some kind? This conversation is for elderly people and people who live near elders or have elderly people in their lives to explore questions, experiences, and obstacles to showing up for elderly people and to generate ideas for connection.

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Event | November 8, 2023

Consider This with John Lee Clark and Jelica Nuccio

Jelica Nuccio and John Lee Clark are DeafBlind trainers in Protactile language, which emerged within the DeafBlind community. Nuccio is the founder of a Protactile training center in Monmouth, and Clark is an author and educator from Minnesota. In their teaching, writing, and community-building, Nuccio and Clark work toward full presence and deep connection.

This Consider This event, scheduled near the conclusion of a national Protactile language training convening at Western Oregon University, will explore belonging amid differences of language, perception, and other fundamental parts of our daily lives.

The conversation will be conducted in Protactile and spoken English with the assistance of interpreters, and it has been designed with both in-person and online audiences in mind. This event will be ASL interpreted. 

Read more about this event and RSVP here.

Event | January 31, 2024

Consider This with Jelica Nuccio and John Lee Clark

Jelica Nuccio and John Lee Clark are DeafBlind trainers in Protactile language, which emerged within the DeafBlind community. This event will explore belonging in amid differences of language, perception, and other fundamental parts of our daily lives.

Consider This | July 18, 2023

The Distance Between Us

Barb Lachenbruch writes about reconnecting with her son through their shared vocation.

Beyond the Margins | June 16, 2023

Minor Malady

A comic by Eleanor Klock on eczema, compassion, and the relativity of suffering

Magazine | April 21, 2023

Conversation Project: Can We Get Along?

Rodney King’s iconic question still resonates today. Despite decades of social justice movements, police brutality and divisions persist in the United States. COVID-19 has only added more challenges. How can we connect to each other during these times? What holds us back from connecting with each other? How do our personal experiences contribute to barriers, or and have the potential to break them down? Join facilitator Chisao Hata as she holds space to examine individual questions on race, cultural values, and what brings us together and what separates us.

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Event | March 24, 2022

A Remedy for Disruption

Chelsea King on mask mandates, school board meetings, and the importance of presence

Beyond the Margins | October 1, 2021

Dear Stranger

Dear Stranger is a letter-exchange project that connects Oregonians through the mail to share experiences, beliefs, and ideas. Send your letter by February 28 to participate.

Other Projects | March 1, 2020