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Changing the Way We See Native America

Over the past decade, photographer Matika Wilbur has developed a body of imagery and cultural representations of Native peoples to counteract one-dimensional stereotypes and to create positive Indigenous role models. In this talk, learn about the ways Matika Wilbur is changing the way we see Native America through her work, including her exhibition "Natural Wanderment: Stewardship. Sovereignty. Sacredness."

Event | May 12, 2020

Indian Enough

Emma Hodges writes about how the "enduring colonialist notion" of blood quantum fails to encompass the complexity of Native identity.

Beyond the Margins | February 28, 2020

“Our Story on Our Territory”

Leslie Ann McMillan, an enrolled Chinook member, writes about how her people's lands were stolen and how they are starting to reclaim them.

Magazine | August 13, 2019