Editorial Advisory Board

The Oregon Humanities Editorial Advisory Board is a volunteer group of writers, editors, journalists, and scholars who provide advice on editorial decisions and help promote calls for submissions and subscribers. If you are interested in joining the board, please write Ben Waterhouse, Communications Director, at b.waterhouse@oregonhumanities.org.


Current Editorial Advisory Board members

  • Brian Benson (Portland)
  • Brook Colley (Phoenix)
  • Jacqueline Keeler (Portland)
  • Holly Lorincz (Manzanita)
  • Sarah Shay Mirk (Portland)
  • Dionisia Morales (Corvallis)
  • Jyothi Natarajan (Portland)
  • Rich Wandschneider (Joseph)
  • Kimberly A.C. Wilson (Langley, WA)