Conversation Project: What Makes a Job Good?

May 3, 2018 | 6:00 p.m. | St. Johns Center for Opportunity

8250 N. Lombard St., Portland OR 97203

Most adults spend most of their waking hours working. Yet, we rarely have the time to consider why certain work brings us satisfaction and other work does not. Public discussion tends to focus on jobs as a measure of personal and national success or failure, but the measures embedded in these conversations are often narrow: Are jobs more or less plentiful? (the former is good, the latter is bad) and Who is getting the jobs? (one’s own kith and kin is good; “others” is bad). This conversation, led by historian Nikki Mandell, will engage participants in thinking about and discussing work more deeply. Participants will explore the quality and meanings of work in their own lives and those of people different from themselves and the connections between work as a personal endeavor and jobs as part of local and national economies. Read more.

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