So Much Together

So Much Together is a new series of workshops celebrating the abundance of collaborative and imaginative work happening in Oregon and throughout the Pacific Northwest. 

These workshops blend presentation, conversation, and activities to build understanding of how great work is shaping lives and the land in our region.

At each event, guest presenters share their work through storytelling, diverse media, and dialogue. Participants are invited to ask questions, have conversations, and collaborate on projects and activities designed by presenters to inspire meaningful engagement with the ideas and processes that make this great work happen.

So Much Together is open to the public and free to attend. These workshops (completely online for the time being) are for anyone interested in better understanding how collaborative and imaginative work is shaping lives and the land in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. They can be particularly relevant to people who are interested in deepening collaborative and imaginative qualities in their own work and exploring how their work aligns with existing endeavors. People who are early in their careers or at crossroads may find inspiration, connection, belonging, and joy in So Much Together.

In 2021, So Much Together will focus on themes explored in Oregon Humanities magazine. Guest presenters will include magazine contributors and people nominated by the public, including Oregon Humanities staff and partner organizations. 


Past Workshops

Our June workshops were inspired by the themes explored in the “Possession” issue of Oregon Humanities magazine.

Us and Our Stuff with Frog & Toad Hauling Company

The People’s Park: Reclaiming Underused Spaces for Our Communities with Lauren Everett

Shared Possessions with Patricia Vázquez Gómez

Land Conservation: Roots, Realities, and Reimaginings with Katie Voelke

Our March workshops were inspired by the “Feed” issue (Fall/Winter 2020).

Rekindling Our Ancestral Relations through Food with Michelle Week

Inheritance Stories: Oral Histories of Food Culture with Lola Milholland
View the Inheritance Stories Collective Cookbook, a project created in collaboration by workshop participants.