Oregon Humanities awards annual, responsive, and emergency grants to organizations and federally recognized Native American tribes in Oregon.

Funding Priority Values
Oregon Humanities is committed to intentionally challenging and dismantling disproportionately oppressive systems. We devise and implement policies that prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to build a culture of transparency, trust, and accountability in the work we do internally and externally.

We fund a wide variety of programming that aligns with our vision of an Oregon that invites diverse perspectives, explores challenging questions, and strives for just communities.

Funding Priority Groups
Oregon Humanities is committed to funding organizations across Oregon. Knowing that we have limited grant funds to award and are committed to funding organizations and communities that have historically been underserved, we prioritize funding to Oregon organizations that are based in and led by rural communities (using the Oregon Office of Rural Health’s definition of rural as locations in Oregon ten or more miles from the center of a population center of 40,000 people or more) and/or organizations led by Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color (BIPOC) communities. 

However, all applications are welcome regardless of an organization’s size, location, leadership or audience. Additionally, we encourage any organizations new to Oregon Humanities to apply if they meet the eligibility requirements.

Grant opportunities

COVID-19 Relief Funds - SHARP Grants
Oregon Humanities will award at least $675,000 for general operating and project or program support for Oregon nonprofit organizations, federally recognized Native American tribal governments in Oregon, accredited public and 501(c)(3) institutions of higher education, and state and local government agencies in Oregon. One-time funding, closed for applications.

Public Program Grants
Once each year, Oregon Humanities’ volunteer board of directors awards Public Program Grants of up to $10,000 in support of programs across Oregon that get people together to think and talk about challenging issues and ideas. Currently closed for applications. Will reopen in early 2022.

COVID-19 Relief Funds - CARES Act Grants
Oregon Humanities awarded $452,500 for general operating and programmatic support to sixty-three organizations throughout the state in May 2020. One-time funding, closed for applications.

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Resources for current grant recipients

Resources for Spring 2020 PPG Grantees
If you have an open public program grant from Spring 2020, you'll find resources and documents here.

Resources for Spring 2021 PPG Grantees
If you have an open public program grant from Spring 2021, you'll find resources and documents here.

Resources for 2021 RPG Grantees
If you have an open responsive program grant from 2021, you'll find resources and documents here.

Past Grant Awards
Grants awarded by Oregon Humanities since 2017

Oregon Humanities’ Conflict of Interest Policy

Per Oregon Humanities’ Bylaws: Section 12.1 Standard of Conduct; Conflict of Interest. Directors shall conduct themselves in a professional manner when representing Oregon Humanities. Any Director who has a financial, personal, or official interest in, or a conflict, or the appearance of a conflict with any matter pending before the Board, shall declare that a conflict exists and recuse himself/herself from any consideration of the matter. No Director shall act in a managerial capacity of any project funded by the corporation. No Director, or spouse or family member of a Director, without prior disclosure, shall receive any compensation from the corporation in connection with any project funded by the corporation or as a speaker, panel member or consultant for such a project, except for travel experiences. 

If a Review Committee member or a Grants Team Leadership member has a conflict of interest as outlined above in the Oregon Humanities Bylaws, or believe they feel so strongly about an applicant or application—whether in favor or against—that they cannot fairly judge the application on its merits they are required to disclose that conflict of interest and remove themselves from judging the application.