2018 Annual Report

At Oregon Humanities, we bring people together for face-to-face conversations in a range of formats, share stories exploring the thoughts and experiences of Oregonians, and offer trainings and resources to individuals and organizations to start conversations in their own communities.

In 2018, we did all of that, and we didn’t do it alone. As you read about our activities last year in this report, you’ll also be reading the stories of facilitators, writers, and partner nonprofits across the state that we collaborated with to work toward our vision of an Oregon that invites diverse perspectives, explores challenging questions, and strives for just communities. And you’ll see the names of the donors and supporters who made it all possible.

Wherever you find yourself in these stories—as a magazine reader, a donor, a Conversation Project participant, or an audience member at Think & Drink—I want to say thank you for being part of Oregon Humanities this past year. Thank you for your participation, and thank you for your support.

—Adam Davis, Executive Director

2018 Statement of Activities

Sharing Oregon Stories

Starting New Conversations

Building A Culture of Equity and Inclusion

Donors and Sponsors

Gifts in Honor and Memory


2018 Statement of Activities





Net operating results: ($57,814)


Sharing Oregon Stories

In 2018, we continued to share stories by Oregon writers about experiences that are often overlooked by mainstream media outlets.

  • In “The Original Laws,” photojournalist Joe Whittle explored how the sacred ethics of Columbia River tribes provide a guide for restoring ecosystems damaged by European colonization.

  • In “Deep Roots,” Samantha Bakall wrote about an urban farm bringing celebration and community to its North Portland neighborhood.

  • In “Sixteen in America,” Marissa Levy wrote about her own experience negotiating mental illness amid the academic and social pressures of high school. The essay was shared hundreds of times on Facebook and Twitter, finding its way to thousands of readers from around the country.

As part of our efforts to bring these stories and others like them to a larger audience, we have created curriculum guides based on stories from Oregon Humanities magazine and our other media. Our Educator Resources page now offers seventeen curriculum guides for high school classrooms on subjects including race, gender, immigration, free speech, and gentrification.

We have also invested in the people who tell our stories. In 2018, with the support of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Pulitzer Prizes, we awarded fellowships to three early career journalists—Caitlyn May, Intisar Abioto, and Emilly Prado—to create in-depth works exploring stories in Oregon communities under the mentorship of Pulitzer Prize finalists.

Starting New Conversations

Our in-person programming creates opportunities for Oregonians to connect, reflect, and work toward just communities.

In 2018, we partnered with 147 organizations in 27 Oregon counties to present 292 Conversation Project discussions with a total of more than 6,000 participants.

We also debuted Bridging Oregon, a conversation series that brings people living in specific regions of the state to talk about communities. With support from the Oregon Community Foundation, Bridging Oregon kicked off in the spring of 2018 with participants from Deschutes and Crook Counties and continued in the fall in Jackson and Josephine Counties

We also expanded our Facilitation Trainings, offering trainings in Bend and Medford in addition to two in our Portland office.

We expanded our Responsive Program Grants offerings, doubling the funds available for small grants to organizations convening people to address important issues in their communities.

The map below displays all the organizations we worked with in 2018.

Building a Culture of Equity and Inclusion

Last year we debuted a strategic plan to drive our activities from 2018 to 2020. This plan outlines our goals of developing sustainable organizational culture that emphasizes mutually beneficial relationships and capacity building. Read the plan here.

The 2018–20 strategic plan includes strategies that prioritize inclusivity, equity, and accountability. One of the ways we have worked toward these goals is by developing an equity lens for Oregon Humanities. We convened an inclusion workgroup that identified next steps toward these goals. All Oregon Humanities staff members participated in the Center for Equity and Inclusion’ Reframing Racism workshop, and our board of directors contracted with Brunder Strategies to train board members in equitable and inclusive practices and policies and develop recommendations to help the board embed these practices and policies through the organization’s work.


Thank You

The following supporters made gifts to Oregon Humanities between November 1, 2017 and October 31, 2018.

Names listed in bold have supported Oregon Humanities for five consecutive years or more.

Conversation Starters ($500+)


National Endowment for the Humanities

Oregon Cultural Trust



James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation
Meyer Memorial Trust

MJ Murdock Charitable Trust



The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and the Pulitzer Prizes
Oneatta Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation

Miller Charitable Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation




Ronni Lacroute

Gretchen Schuette



The Kinsman Foundation



Al Jubitz

Betsy Priddy Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation


Paul Duden and Francesca Stevenson
Echo Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation
Idealist Consulting
The Jackson Foundation
Juan Young Trust

Kettering Foundation
Dr. Jennifer Schuberth and Dr. John Urang
The Standard Insurance Company
Rose E. Tucker Charitable Trust
The Wyss Foundation



Sona Karentz Andrews
Leotta Gordon Foundation
Emily Georges Gottfried Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation
NW Natural

Camille Preus
Spark Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Stoel Rives LLP
Tonkon Torp LLP



Matthew and Catherine Boulay
Colleen Cain and Philip Miller
Truman Collins
Jeff Cronn
Adam Davis and Hana Layson
Jelly Helm
Intel Employee Giving
Emily Karr and Townsend Hyatt
Kate Kaufmann
The Lyceum Agency

Dave Otte
Denise Reed
Tony Salvador and Melissa Choi Salvador
TJ Education Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation
Paul Utz
Charles and Cherie Walker
Ward Family Fund of the Oregon Community Foundation


Supporters (under $500)


Jean and Ray Auel
Mary and Ruth Chapin
Craig Danielson
Adam and Regina Davis
Miriam Feuerle
Karen Gernant
Adam Green
Richard L. Hay
Kimberly Howard
Tom and Cherryl Janisse
Milton Lebsack

Julie and Walter Manning
Deborah Maria
Robert Melnick and Suzanne Bunker
Joan Nelson
Jennifer Parrish Taylor
Charles R.S. Shepard and Deery Ann Mortiz Fund of the Community Foundation for Greater New Haven
John Shipley
Chantal Strobel




Carole Alexander
Kathi Bowen-Jones and David Jones
Paul and Nancy Bragdon
Evona Brim
Jane Carlsen
Naomi Dagen Bloom and Ronald Bloom
Erin Dysart
Andrew Guest
Anita Helle
Nicholas Hengen Fox and Emily Teplin Fox
John Holloran
Sara Hopkins-Powell
Michael Johnson
Paul Lambshead and Deb Fischer
Kate Lasky

Erika Leaf
Alberto Moreno
Sarah Newhall
Paulann Petersen
Peter and Josephine Pope
Portland General Electric Employee Engagement Fund
Ruth Rabinovitch and Tom Treger
Halle and Rick Sadle
Jennifer Sasser and Simeon K. Dreyfuss
Ann Starr
Dave Weich
Tom and Kit Whittaker
Willamette Week
Sally Yee
Bill and Julie Young
Stephen Young and Jane Fellows



Jeanette D. Agre
Gary and Carla Albright
Kristin Anderson
Joyce and Warren Aney
Anonymous (7)
Linda and Eugene Appel
Joseph Barkofski
Lois Barry
Ed and Maureen Battistella
Leslie Taylor and Douglas Beers
Mike Beilstein
Martha Mull Belluschi
Lesley Bennett
Laura Berg
Betty’s Books
Dick and Sheila Brandlon
Al Johnson and Susan Brody
Marianne Buchwalter
Elizabeth Ann Burch
Leonard and Janet Calvert
Eliza and Kevin Canty-Jones
Stacy Carleton
James Berry and Kim Carlson
Cynthia Chilton
Justin Chin
Heather Chrisman
Rosalie and Richard Clinton
Stuart and Chris Cohen
Linda and Tom Collier
Ann Collins
Lanny Collins
Anne Conner
Sybilla A. Cook
David Copelin
Dave and Char Corkran
Linda Danielson
Michael Davidson and Patricia Johnson
Kimberly Dornan
Barbara Dudley
Kari Easton
Lori and Scott Eberly
Raymond and Maura Egan
Beth and Bill Ellis
Arthur and Margianne Erickson
Judy Fisher
Jeanette Flaming
Irene Foster
Stuart and Karen Foster
Marc Franklin
Cara Jo Frey
Edith and Will Fuller
Kara Gandesbery
Melody Ghormley and Kyle Kroker
Kuri Gill
M. Sean Green
Michel Gregory
Fred Grewe
Esther Gross
James Hampton
Ulrich Hardt and Karen Johnson
John Hawkins
Dawn Hayami
Lyn Hennion and Alex Bellen
Mary Beth Henry and Mike Burnett
Michael Hetrick
James Heuser
Kenneth Holladay
Eloise Holland and Melissa McClure
Mark and Ann Hollyfield
Greg Holmes
Kathleen Holt and Alex Dupey
Steve and Kris Hudson
Cassandra Hughes
Frances A. Hunter
Linda Hutchins and John Montague
Marjorie Iburg
Robina Ingram-Rich
Alma and Michael Jackson
Kathleen and John Jaworski
Kimberly Jensen
Patricia Johnson
Shirley Johnson
Annie and Aaron Kaffen
Claire Kellogg and Bruce Betzer
Janet Kelly
Nancy Kelly
Annie Knepler and Adam Fischler
Michael Kosmala
George Kramer
Sherry Lamoreaux
Sylvia Lee
Richard Lewis and Meg Larson
Ward and Gale Lewis
Muriel D. Lezak
Susan Lienhart and Noel Holley
Ken Limbocker
Wenda Lloyd
Ruth L. Love
Donna Loveland
Carolyn Madsen
Martha Maharg
Barbara and Timothy Mahoney
Barbara Manildi
Mary Markland and Brian Wooton
Fred and Beth Maurer
Caryn May
Guy and Shelley Maynard
Cecily McCaffrey

Carol McConnell and Robert Hatt
Mary McCracken
Heidi and Dylan McNamee
Margaret Mead
Richard Meeker and Ellen Rosenblum
Margaret Mesirow
Toni Mesplay
Jackson Miller
Randolph Miller
Kate Mills
Kerani Mitchell
Linda Monk
Judy Monroe
Marilyn Moody
Gail Mueller
Annette Myfedov
Linda Nelson
Milton and Shirley Nelson
Michael and Joyce Nesson
Jennifer O'Donnell
Ludmilla O'Donnell
Margaret and Damon Ogle
Linda E. Olds
David C. Olson
Madeline Olson
Mary Orton
Stefan Ostrach
Jacqueline Peterson-Loomis and John Loomis
Ken Pyburn
Mary Rechner
Deborah Redman and Donald Whittemore
Robert Reed
Richard Rees
Dell Rhodes
Donald Rice
Laura Rice and Karim Hamdy
Jane Richardson
Jane Rickenbaugh
Karly Ritter
Marguerite and Rodney Roberson
Jen and Tim Roberts
Pritam Rohila
Dori Rosenblum
Mary Ruhl
Sally Russell
Frieda Ryland
Jane Sage and Tom Olbrich
Peter Sapin and Mary Janie Burri
Dianne Sawyer and Richard Petersen
Bob Scales
Bud and Kate Schmidt
Ed Schmidt
Gretchen Schnepper and Darby Granberry
Aili Schreiner and Kyle Brown
Kate Schuyler
Justin Skolnick
Bill Smaldone
Valarie Smith
Karen Starleaf and Ron Davis
Maggie Starr and Sarah Hardin
Joy Strand and Daniel Anderson
Roger and Anita Straus
Theodore Taylor and Denise Stone
Yvonne Thomas
Lianne Thompson
Margaret J. Thompson
Dale Thoreen
Dan and Joan Thorndike
William and Angela Thorndike
Tracy Thornton
Misti Timshel
Susan Troccolo
Elliot and Dagne Trommald
Clifford and Jo Anne Trow
Don Turner
Susan Uravich
Muriel Van Veen
Deanne Vandevert
Jennifer Viviano and Fritz Paulus
Pamela Vohnson and David Streight
Kristina Knight
Annie Walsh
Naomi Wamacks
Ben Waterhouse and Deanna Oothoudt
Ellen Waterston
Waterston Desert Writing Prize
Jo Ann Weaver
Maxeen Wegner
Jerard Weigler
Patricia West and William Cummings
Emmett Wheatfall
Jen Wick
Glenna Wilder
Corinne Williams
Daryl and Wallace Wilson
Martin and Carolyn Winch
Vincent and Patricia Wixon
Mitch Wolgamott and Sue Orlaske
Kathleen Worley
Carolyn Wright
Gayle Yamasaki


$0 to $99

Carl Abbot and Margery Post Abbott
Andrea Adrian
Mary Allardt
Alys Allwardt
Alma Rosa Alvarez
Anonymous (10)
Dori Appel and Perry Prince
Ana Arellano
Robert Arellano
William Ashworth
Anna Baiocco Druse and Stephen Druse
Kyle Baird
Hannah Bakken
Larry and Renee Ballinger
William B. Barnett
Karin Barntish
Claire Barr Wilson
David Barringer
Reva Basch and Jerry Shifman
Paul Bascom
Scott Bauska
Range Bayer
Sandra Bean
Judith Belk
Joel Berning
Patricia Beverly
Ted and Betty Bezzerides
Cindy and Gene Biboux
Jennifer Bildersee and Jay Anderson
Linda Birnbaum
John Bohlmann
Danielle Booth and Jen Curran
Pamela Boston
Jules Boykoff and Kaia Sand
Christopher Bratt
Catherine and Thomas Briggs
Karen Brush
Catriona and Ben Buhayar
Ian Burrell
Doug and Liz Capps
Amy Carlson
Anne and Terry Carter
Sean and Kathleen Cearley
Mildred Chennell
Wanda Chin and Terry Dickey
Matthew Mioduszewski
Jenny Chu
Barbara Clark
Karen Clarke
Trena Cleland
Margaret Collins
Mary Ann Constans
Gail Coombs
Ron and Teecia Cornelius
Seth Cotlar
May Dasch
Stanlynn Daugherty
Robert Davis
Stacy Day
James Dean
Mary and Bruce DeLoria
Ruth Denny
Sarah Deumling
Zana Dorres
Thomas and Nancy Doulis
Nathan and Eva Douthit
Edward Doyle
Rose Driessen
Madelyn Driscoll
Kent Duffy
Don Dumond
Jo Durand
Sidney and Margaret Eaton
Valerie Egan
Merry Emlaw
Barbara Engel
Scott Exo and Margaret Robinson
Charles Farmer
Elizabeth Farrell
Carol Ferris
Margot Fetz
Linda Finley
Raissa Fleming
Stephanie Fong
Jean M. France
Ruth and Herman Frankel
Cosette Freeman
Robin Friedman and Kathy Lombardi
Jocelyn Furbush
Erna Gelles and Alan MacCormack
Carol J. Gerity
Walter Giersbach
Roxanne Goebel
Janet Goetze Sanderson
Patricia Gordon
Donna Gregerson
Paul Gregorio
Michael Griggs
Barbara Groelz
Bija Gutoff
Barbara Haga
Chris Hagerbaumer
CM Hall
Jim and Carolyn Hammond
James Hamrick
Susan Hanson
Tasha Harmon
Bill and Barbara Harris
Maria Harris
Haldane and Pat Harris
Sandra and Ashley Hart
Peter Hatcher and Harriet Stosur
Christine Haug-Chin and Gary Chin
May Hays
Mary Heffernan
Christina Hefty
Roland and Cathy Henson
Jack and Irene Hilbourne
Matthew Holt
Zach Holz
Ann S. Holznagel
Laura Hopper
Sheryl Horwitz and Larry Knudsen
Kamla Hurst and Mark Yamagishi
Lawson and Janet Inada
Roger Irvin
Harriet Isom
Jeff Jackson
Nancy Jamieson
Susan J. Jenkins
David A. Johnson
Marcie Johnson
Colin Jones
Marean Jordan
Jack and Farol Kahle
Edward and Debra Kaye
Jill Kellogg and Richard Bestwick
Janice and Mark Kettler

John Kirk
Jerome Kleffner
Lee Klingler
Rachel and Marc Klippenstein
Robert J. Kocarnik
Don and Judith Kramer
Jonathan Kusmin
Betty LaDuke
Carin Landgren and Geroge Pacanovsky
Jann Lane
Elinor Langer
Nora Leibowitz and Chris Hallstrom
Philip Levinson
Philip Lewin
Robert Liebman and Elaine Friedman
Sydney Linden
Charmaine Lindsay
Ruth Lizotte
Frances Lynch
Melissa Madenski
Bill and Mary Mainwaring
Sulima Maizin
Lynn Marx
Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund
Heather Mayer
Terry McClain
Doug and Carey McElroy
Anne McLauglin
Barbara McLeod
Audrey McNamara
Joan and Frank McNamara
Wendi and Sanford Menashe
Christine Menefee
Microsoft Employee Giving Campaign
Mary-Lynne Monroe
Raul and Lauren Moreno
Sharon Morgan and Kathleen Kollasch
Julie Morris
Emily Carpenter Mostue
Kathy Moyd
Ilze K. Mueller
Joanne Mulcahy and Bob Hazen
John Murphy
Emily Myeres and Jacob Myeres
Jihane Nami
Ann Nelson
Elizabeth and Edward Neuwelt
Annette Newman
Carol Tova Newman
Ann M. Ncgorski and George S. Stellingwerf
Steve Norcross
Sara and Jeff Olsgaard
Nancy Orcutt
Lorraine Ortiz
Keli Osborn
John Ott
Ruth Parvin
Thomas Penchoen
Kathy Peoples
Alison Pezanoski-Browne
Lillian Pitt
Sandy Polishuk
Jerry and Barbara Porter
Sandra Post
Jonathan Potkin
Gloria and James Predeek
David Prescott
Lidwina and Habib Rahman
Richard Rankin
Valerie A. Rapp
Janet and Richard Reed
Denise Roberts
Mark Rochester
Rachel Roscoe
Charles Rosenblum
Glenn and Monet Rubin
Katie Russell
Sheryl Sackman
Stephanie Same
Dave Santen
Mikaela Schey
Shoshauna Schey
Leslie Schockner
Beverly Schumacher
Gary Sharp
Laurie Shentalevenn
Laura Sherrill and Stephen Chipps
Gilbert and Barbara Shibley
Robert and Beverly Shoemaker
Suzanne Sigafoos
Barbara Smith
Marjorie and Edwin Smith
Pat Smith
Cheryl Snow and James Ancell
Carmen Sonnes
Scott Sparling and Harriet Miller
Mardy Stevens
Elizabeth Stoessl
Don Tarbutton
Debbie Taylor
Diane L. Taylor
J. Mary Taylor
Terrel and Bonnie Templeman
Ian R. Templeton
Denison Thomas
Jennie Tucker
Virginia Tyler
Gerard and Rita Van Deene
Ellen Vanderslice and Scott Parker
Dorothy Velasco and John Dewenter
Jean Vercouteren
Veronica Vichit-Vadakan
Patricia Vincent
Mark Wales
Allison Wallace
Laura Wallace
Rich B. Wandschneider
Tom Ward
Cila Warncke
Sarah Warren
Emily Weltman and Jacob Gamage
Julia and Paul Westerberg
George Westermark
Jane White
Kyenne Williams
Marcia Wirth
Carol Witherell
Julia Withers
Mike Wolf
Marilyn Woodrich
Lora Lyn Worden and Noah Jenkins
Tracy Wyatt
Jo Yeager
Irene Zenev
Jan Zuccarini


Gifts in Honor and Memory

Gifts in Honor

Anonymous in honor of Carolyn
Ana Arellano in honor of Robert Arellano
Stacy Carleton in honor of The Carleton Family
Wanda Chin and Terry Dickey in honor of John and Liu Chin
Matthew Mioduszewski in honor of Kara Christenson
Sidney and Margaret Eaton in honor of Lark Palma
Raissa Fleming in honor of Joanne Fleming
Stuart and Karen Foster in honor of Kathleen Dinham Davis
Adam Green in honor of Oregon Humanities Staff
Esther Gross in honor of Jaqueline Davis
CM Hall in honor of Rachel Bernstein, Janet Webster, and Adam Davis
David A. Johnson in honor of Nick Johnson
Milton Lebsack in honor of P. Jayne Lebsack
Sylvia Lee in honor of Dennis Anderson
Ward and Gale Lewis in honor of Robert L. Hamm
Caryn May in honor of April Slabosheski
Richard Meeker and Ellen Rosenblum in honor of Ellen Rosenblum
Raul and Lauren Moreno in honor of Charles E. Nelson
Lorraine Ortiz in honor of Maggie Starr
Ruth Parvin in honor of Ann Parvin
Kathy Peoples in honor of Oregon Humanities
David Prescott in honor of Bayard Rustin
Anonymous in honor of The Dance of the Angels
Shoshauna Schey in honor of Jeanette Schey and the joy she brings to others
Ann Starr in honor of Maggie Starr
Debbie Taylor in honor of Simon Tam
TJ Education Fund of The Oregon Community Foundation in honor of Janet Gray Webster
Susan Troccolo in honor of Jenny Griffin
Daryl and Wallace Wilson in honor of Amelle Obeng
Lora Lyn Worden and Noah Jenkins in honor of Susan, Ben, Jennie, Martha, John, Noah, Jane, Mike, Jinks and Lora

Gifts in Memory

Anna Baiocco Druse and Stephen Druse in memory of Paola Baiocco
Cindy and Gene Biboux in memory of Judith Mills
Don Dumond in memory of Carol Steichen Dumond
Cosette Freeman in memory of Wilma Daane
Melody Ghormley and Kyle Kroker in memory of Vera Katz
Anita Helle in memory of Peter Sears
James Heuser in memory of Ronald David Heuser
Robert Liebman and Elaine Friedman in memory of Abe & Sylvia Friedman and Daniel & Sylvia Liebman
Ken Limbocker in memory of Marg Limbocker
Wenda Lloyd in memory of the country we once had
Sulima Maizin in memory of Marsha Cooper
Toni Mesplay in memory of Max B. Mesplay
Joanne Mulcahy and Bob Hazen in memory of Paul Mulcahy
Jennifer Parrish Taylor in memory of Stephanie Parrish Taylor
Jerry and Barbara Porter in memory of Dallas and Betty McKennon
Deborah Redman and Donald Whittemore in memory of Flippy and Bob
Jane Richardson in memory of Nancy Payne
Mardy Stevens in memory of Bob Ervin
Denison Thomas in memory of Sarah Thomas
Naomi Wamacks in memory of Cliff Wamacks
Emily Weltman and Jacob Gamage in memory of David Weltman
Vincent and Patricia Wixon in memory of Oregon Poet Laureate Peter Sears
Mike Wolf in memory of Jo Ann Spohn Wolf