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Finding Home at the Mims

From the 1940s to '60s, the Mims House was a safe place to stay for African Americans traveling through Oregon. Now it’s a gathering place for the Black community in Eugene. Video by Nisha Burton.

By Nisha Burton

Stake Your Place

The Cully neighborhood of Portland offers a glimpse at the complex racial, ethnic, and economic factors at play in a community trying to resist the forces of gentrification, displacement, and change.

To Live More Free

Southern Oregonians describe the challenges and fears of working while being undocumented. With photos by Ezra Marcos Ayala and audio by Luis Rodriguez

The Numbers

As Portland's urban core has gentrified, thousands of residents have been displaced to neighborhoods east of 82nd Avenue, an area that locals call "The Numbers." In this video, young people living in The Numbers talk about their hopes for their community.

Bitter Harvest

Writer Putsata Reang and filmmaker Ivy Lin explore the stories of Chinese laborers in the 1900s who helped establish the state's reputation as an international beer capital, despite exclusion laws that kept them from owning the hop farms where they worked.

Earth on Fire

Writer Christine Dupres explores how our nation’s fire policies have threatened tribal lands and culture and how tribal responses provide a guide for how we can address climate change.

Future: Portland 2

Grappling with values, change, and nostalgia has shaped—and continues to shape—the largest city in Oregon. A film by Ifanyi Bell