People, Places, Things

Josué Rivas

Lana Jack (Celilo Wy-am) performs a dance in honor of her ancestors in February 2021. In the background is The Dalles Dam, which drowned Celilo Falls on March 10, 1957. For many thousands of years before the inundation, the falls was a gathering site for fishing, commerce, and culture for many tribes. 

“Somehow, I was there at the flooding of the falls, even though I wasn't even born yet,” Jack told Nicole Greenfield, a writer for Natural Resources Defense Council, in 2021. “I can go back to that place in time and remember how our people, how my mothers, cried in travail. Because what you do to the river, you do to the salmon. And what you do to the salmon, you do to us.”


America, History, Indigenous, photography


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People, Places, Things

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