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Call for Submissions

We're currently accepting submissions of features for our Spring 2024 issue on the theme "Fear."

Article | July 10, 2023

Editor's Note: Joy and Pain

Ben Waterhouse on how this issue came to be

Magazine | April 20, 2023

Oregon Humanities Live

Join the editors of Oregon Humanities magazine for an evening featuring Laura Gibson, Stacey Rice, Bruce Poinsette, Eric Tran, Eleanor Klock, and Sabra Boyd reading work from recent issues of the magazine and Beyond the Margins.

This program is 21+.

Event | April 26, 2023

From the Director: Grounding

Adam Davis on not knowing where we will be buried

Magazine | January 9, 2023

Editor's Note: Underground

Magazine | January 9, 2023

Oregon Humanities Live

Join the editors of Oregon Humanities magazine for an evening featuring Sallie Tisdale, Daniela Molnar, Paul Susi, and Laura Gibson, and other recent contributors reading essays and poems.

This copresented with Literary Arts as part of the Cover to Cover series and sponsored by Lyceum Agency.

Event | November 2, 2022

Discussion Questions & Further Reading: Beyond

Prompts for conversation about this issue and links to learn more about the stories and ideas explored herein.

Magazine | December 15, 2021

Discussion Questions and Further Reading

Questions for discussing the articles in the Climate issue with friends, plus links to learn more about the topics covered.

Magazine | August 19, 2021


Editor Ben Waterhouse writes about choosing the theme "Climate" amid a summer of heat waves and fires.

Magazine | August 12, 2021

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Oregon Humanities is a magazine about the experiences, ideas, and beliefs of Oregonians. The magazine is published three times each year, in spring, summer, and fall, and is offered free of charge to Oregon residents. In each issue, Oregon writers, artists, and readers explore diverse perspectives and challenging questions relating to the place we live and the people who live here.

Article | July 20, 2021

Discussion Questions and Further Reading

Questions to prompt conversation after reading and ways to learn more about or get involved with the ideas and issues explored in this issue

Magazine | April 27, 2021

From the Director: Waiting for the Break

Adam Davis writes about waiting and wondering amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Magazine | April 27, 2020

In Brief

Magazine | April 27, 2020

Editors’ Note: Union

Magazine | April 27, 2020

Oregon Humanities Masthead

Article | February 19, 2020

Our Most-read Stories of 2019

Our readers' favorite articles and videos from the past year explore housing and exclusion, hidden histories, race, gender, and poverty.

Beyond the Margins | December 18, 2019

Ask a Magazine Anything: A Lit Crawl Mixer

We’re bringing together the editorial teams at Oregon Humanities, The Nib, and Vortex Music Magazine, as well as Catapult’s marketing team for you to ask them anything!

Event | November 8, 2019

Contributing to Oregon Humanities

Article | August 21, 2019

Our Most-read Stories of 2018

Our readers' favorite articles and videos from the past year explore stories of identity, place, and belonging.

Beyond the Margins | December 13, 2018

Our Most-Read Stories of 2017

Our readers' favorite articles and videos from the past year explore stories of place, belonging, and identity both personal and historical.

Beyond the Margins | December 18, 2017

Magazine Subscriber Survey

We want to know more about the readers of Oregon Humanities to ensure that the magazine is meeting the interests and needs of our subscribers and give us an idea of how to improve the publication.

Magazine | December 18, 2017

What Is Mine

Editor Kathleen Holt on looking for identity in the post-colonial welter of midcentury Hawaii.

Magazine | August 22, 2017

When to Carry

Editor's note

Magazine | April 10, 2017

Making Peace with Chaos

Author Zahir Janmohamed and photographer Tojo Andrianarivo profile student refugees living and thriving in Portland despite uncertainty.

Magazine | December 6, 2016


Readers write about Might

Magazine | December 6, 2016


Magazine | August 11, 2016

"I'm Not Staying Here Another Day"

A conversation about the Great Migration with Isabel Wilkerson and Rukaiyah Adams

Beyond the Margins | June 28, 2016

The Gift of a Known World

Oregon Humanities magazine editor Kathleen Holt on the power--and privilege--of rooting oneself to places

Magazine | April 11, 2016

A Tremendous Force of Will

A conversation about the Great Migration's and the civil right movement with Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Isabel Wilkerson

Magazine | April 11, 2016


In the face of loss, cleaning hotel rooms and a lifelong friend offer solace. An essay by Meryl Williams

Magazine | April 11, 2016

Not Built for Ghosts

Writer Helen Hill on consequences she faced after leaving her beloved home in the hands of others

Magazine | April 11, 2016

Stolen Land and Borrowed Dollars

Creative resistance bloomed in the lead up to the Vancouver Olympics. An excerpt from Power Games: A Political History of the Olympics by Jules Boykoff

Magazine | April 11, 2016

Between Ribbon and Root

Hope and a history of tragedy live together in a Cowlitz woman's son. An essay by Christine Dupres

Magazine | April 11, 2016


Readers write about Root

Magazine | April 7, 2016

Objects in Motion

Editor Kathleen Holt on inertia

Magazine | December 18, 2015

What We Pass On

Adam Davis, executive director of Oregon Humanities, writes about cultural inheritance.

Magazine | December 18, 2015

Whose State Is This?

Journalist Brent Walth on how legal measures targeting Latino Oregonians reflect fears of change.

Magazine | December 18, 2015

Community in Flux

The long-persecuted Roma people begin to speak out. By Lisa Loving

Magazine | December 18, 2015

This Way through Oregon

Illustrating the systems that move salmon, waste, traffic, and legislation

Magazine | December 18, 2015

So to Speak

Novelist Laila Lalami on moving between languages to find her voice

Magazine | December 18, 2015

Getting Out

Loretta Stinson on deciding to leave an abusive marriage for good

Magazine | December 18, 2015

All the Same Ocean

Finding the horizon in a life rocked with waves. An essay by Jason Arias

Magazine | December 18, 2015


Readers write about Move

Magazine | December 18, 2015

Safely and Bravely

Editor Kathleen Holt on keeping her daughter safe in a place filled with threats of violence, disappointment, and despair

Magazine | August 11, 2015

Plague Fears

Eula Biss writes about how a threat becomes a plague in this excerpt from her book On Immunity.

Magazine | August 11, 2015

Trademark Offense

Bandleader Simon Tam explains his fight to trademark his band’s name, “The Slants.” Tam recently argued his case before the US Supreme Court. He won.

Magazine | August 11, 2015

Civil Rights with Guns

Are there alternatives to police that could keep communities safe? Author Kristian Williams discusses lessons from the Black Freedom Movement.

Magazine | August 11, 2015

Group Therapy

Copping out at an uptown slumber party. An essay by Dionisia Morales

Magazine | August 11, 2015

This Is Not Just a Cloud

Embracing grief in the wilderness. An essay by Michael Heald

Magazine | August 11, 2015

The Rim of the Wound

Writer Wendy Willis's open letter to the students of Columbia University Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board, with a special note to her daughters.

Magazine | August 11, 2015

Beyond Repair

Editor Kathleen Holt on the aftermath of a traumatizing fire

Magazine | April 7, 2015

Full Circle

Two journalists return to their native countries to help other journalists express dissent.

Magazine | April 7, 2015

The Problem with the Immigration Problem

Elliot Young writes about the origins of the belief that immigrants harm our society

Magazine | April 7, 2015

The River Fix

Journalist Valerie Rapp on the complexities of dam removal

Magazine | April 7, 2015

Perhaps, Perhaps

Bobby Arellano on waiting for an alcoholic father to stand up

Magazine | April 7, 2015

Kansas in Technicolor

After a mastectomy, finding beauty in loss. An essay by Gretchen Icenogle

Magazine | April 7, 2015

Resume Usual Activity

Jamie Passaro writes about parenting—and being parented—through mental illness.

Magazine | April 7, 2015


Magazine | April 7, 2015

Future: Portland

Civic leaders describe the loss of Portland's strong black communities and the hope of restoring them in the future in a video by Ifanyi Bell.

Beyond the Margins | March 9, 2015

Magazine Podcast: Quandary

Talking about Ferguson, feminism, and filling out forms with Oregon Humanities magazine contributors

Beyond the Margins | December 17, 2014

Messy Business

Editor Kathleen Holt on parenting as performance

Magazine | December 8, 2014

The Late Show

Journalist Nigel Duara on the media becoming part of the story in the 2014 protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

Magazine | December 8, 2014

Feel-Good Feminism

Bitch Media cofounder Andi Zeisler wonders if feminism's pop-culture cachet has doomed the movement.

Magazine | December 8, 2014

Boxed In

Writer Wendy Willis ponders which race to check and which people to leave behind when asked about her racial and ethnic background.

Magazine | December 8, 2014

Are You My Mother?

When a new medication makes the Lois Ruskai Melina's mother more outgoing and impulsive, she must face a choice: Should she have her taken off the drug, even though she likes her better on it?

Magazine | December 8, 2014

Gone Astray

A humanitarian aid worker in Sri Lanka finds herself caught up in a race to harvest the tusks of a dead elephant.

Magazine | December 8, 2014

The Air I Breathe

Filmmaker Ifanyi Bell writes about growing up underestimated in Portland

Magazine | December 8, 2014


Readers Write about Quandary

Magazine | December 8, 2014

Magazine Podcast: Start

Talking about epigenetics, adoption, faith, and clowns with Oregon Humanities magazine contributors

Beyond the Margins | November 5, 2014

Will, Work, and Imagination

Beginnings are appealing. They beguile with promise and possibility.

Magazine | July 31, 2014

What's Mine Is Yours

Editor Kathleen Holt on developing a capacity for solitude and a habit of self-reflection in her children

Magazine | March 25, 2014

Mark My Words

Linguist Edwin Battistella on pronouns and the myth of a "me generation"

Magazine | March 25, 2014

In Defense of Navel-Gazing

To understand the world, we must first understand ourselves. An essay by Jay Ponteri

Magazine | March 25, 2014

Trapped in the Spotlight

What happens when quitting your job means quitting yourself? An essay by Courtenay Hameister

Magazine | March 25, 2014

The Thing with Feathers

Joanna Rose on a writer's road trip gone wrong

Magazine | March 25, 2014

You Remind Me of Me

Parent and child, strange and baffling creatures that are part, yet no part, of each other. An essay by Daniel Rivas

Magazine | March 25, 2014


Readers write about "Me"

Magazine | March 23, 2014

Into the Welter

Editor Kathleen Holt on cities as more than just places

Magazine | December 5, 2013

This Land Planned for You and Me

J. David Santen Jr. on what Oregon's communities look like forty years after the passage of Senate Bill 100

Magazine | December 5, 2013

Imaginary Metropolis

What do the cities of science fiction books and films say about the way we perceive the cities we live in? An essay by Dan DeWeese

Magazine | December 5, 2013

In Search of the New

Editor Kathleen Holt on desire for the novel, the riveting, and the spectacular

Magazine | November 27, 2013


Readers write about "Skin"

Magazine | August 1, 2013

In Medias Res

Editor Kathleen Holt on anticipation

Magazine | December 11, 2012

Warp and Weft

Editor Kathleen Holt on conflict in sports and politics

Magazine | August 7, 2012

Here Now

Editor Kathleen Holt on the many meanings of place

Magazine | April 8, 2012

A Closer Look

Editor Kathleen Holt on the effort of looking.

Magazine | March 17, 2010